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ICCAW MEETING  JUNE 22, 2013 AT 10:00 AM
Please join us at the Maple Lane Country Club in Elmwood, IL for an exciting day, featuring a list of expert speakers, fellowship, food, door prizes and more. We will be hosting world-renowned factory farm activist and 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize Winner, Lynn Henning, who will teach us about the strategies she uses in her work to identify CAFO pollution. We will also be welcoming Illinois People’s Action, a true community activist organization that has worked for over a decade to organize for justice in rural and urban communities throughout the state. Dr. Kendall Thu of Northern Illinois University will present a new technique from Public Laboratory that we can all use to investigate factory farm pollution concerns, and Dr. Stacy James of Prairie Rivers Network will discuss our collaborative goals to further our campaign to improve the Illinois Livestock Management Facilities Act. In addition, we’ll be talking about the many significant developments related to all of our work across the state. We are eager to hear updates on your efforts and to exchange ideas with you! For further details and a map click the link below

Action Alert
As you may already know, the EPA has been working on new national rules that address CAFO’s. The Pew Charitable Trusts’ campaign to Reform Industrial Animal Agriculture is teaming up with coalition partners who hope that the revisions will include stricter regulations on non point source runoff, lowering the threshold of what qualifies as a Large CAFO, increased transparency in permitting/water quality monitoring and more.  (Please see details in the letter pasted below). We are trying to encourage as many organizations as possible to join the letter below to show strong support for reformed CAFO regulations. To Sign-on click the link below


Illinois Department of Agriculture approves permit for hog confinement near Lima

May 29, 2013
By Matt Hopf

Department of Agriculture Approves Permit for hog confinement
May 29, 2013
By Matt Hopf
The Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved a permit to allow the construction of a 4,960-head hog confinement facility 1.9 miles southwest of Lima. Jerry Gallamore, who owns land just southwest of the site ives on a bluff where possible manure runoff will go across his property to the Mississippi River.

Large industrial swine farm approved in Adams County
Rock River Times
May 29, 2013
Staff Report
A plan by D & B Farms, LLC, to build an industrial hog facility that will house more than 4,900 hogs was approved by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA), overshadowing tremendous public opposition in Adams County in western Illinois.

Lima Residents say hog farm approval stinks
May 29, 2013
By KHQA Newsdesk

Antibiotics in livestock raising concerns up the food chain
Chicago Tribune
May 26, 2013
By Monica Eng

Environmental Activists Demand A Fracking Moratorium, Stage Sit-In At Quinn’s Office
Progress Illinois
May 23, 2013
By Ashlee Rezin


As Factory Farms Spread, Government Efforts to Curb Threat From Livestock Waste Bog Down EPA Delays Action on Regulations for Animal Agriculture
Fair Warning
May 30, 2013
By Bridget Huber

China buyout of Smithfield could be game changer
Forbes Magazine
May 30, 2013
Simon Montlake

Is the US About to Become One Big Factory Farm for China?
Food Safety News
May. 29, 2013
By Tom Philpott
For Smithfield itself, the deal is savvy according to the story because Americans are already eating less meat. China has also generated many food safety scares recently.

Delta County Commissioners Approve Hen House, Plaintiffs Vow to See Them in Court
KVNF Public Radio
May 29, 2013
By Marty Durlin
Travis Jardon says he and other plaintiffs will continue their lawsuit against a hen facility in Colorado.

Underground manure pipeline closer to reality
Daily Globe Colorado
May 23, 2013
By Julie Buntjer

How Undercover Animal Rights Activists are Winning the Ag-Gag War
The Village Voice
May 22, 2013
By Pete Kotz

Groups Urge Continued Focus on Faulty Permitting Process for Factory Hog Farm Near Buffalo National River
National Parks Conservation Association
May 21, 2013
By Perry Wheeler

EPA Delays Action on Regulations for Animal Agriculture
Pew News
May 21, 2013
By Rachel Brittin
EPA and state agencies have implemented programs to better control manure pollution, but significant gaps remain.

George Washington Graduates Make Policy Recommendations
George Washington Today
May 20, 2013
Environmental Resource Policy program capstone projects involve real-world research. Students from the ENRP class of 2013 worked on four projects. One group investigated the effects of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) on water quality in seven different states and conducted interviews with stakeholders to compile case studies.

Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms
Mother Jones Magazine
May 15, 2013
By Tom Philpott
There have been about 6 explosions of hog barns in the Midwest after mysterious foam in manure pits ignites. Visit this link for more on this story and photos of the ugly looking greenish gray foam which scientists think contains methane. In 2009 a hog barn was lifted a few feet off the ground and the operator blown twenty feet backwards.

NRDC Health Director: Antibiotics Bill Will Help Protect Public Health
News With tags
May 8, 2013
By Jake Thompson

PEW Responds to Op Ed in Rapid City Journal
The PEW Charitable Trusts
Apr 24, 2013
By Joshua S. Reichert

Fourth grade filmmaker sneaks a camera into the cafeteria to document his gross school lunch
May 2013
By Sarah Laskow
Zachary Maxwell sneakily recorded the gross lunches at his school, and from that footage was born his aptly titled documentary, Yuck. The film will be shown in June at the Manhattan Film Festival.


Ag Gag Law Now Prosecuting Activists
Activist Post
May 3, 2013
You Tube


The Raw truth of factory farming
This website features factory farming news around the world and more.

The Effects of Large-Scale Hog Production on Local Labor Markets
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 2013, vol. 45, issue 01
Stacy E. Sneeringer and Thomas Hertz (application/pdf)

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