Response to Gregory Campbell — the truth about unions

This is in response to the commentary by Gregory Campbell in the March 6-12 issue of The Rock River Times.

Mr. Campbell refers to a fair wage several times in his commentary. However, he never defines what a fair wage is.

A fair wage for a union negotiator is as much as he or she can squeeze out of the organization. A fair wage for a business or other organization is as little as possible, but enough to keep the workforce intact and assure profits.

Profit is not a dirty word. Profit is the fruit of investment, sacrifice, hard work and sound decisions. Profit creates jobs — jobs are the fruition of profit. If a person works for a business that is not profitable, that person will not have a job for long.

Prevailing wage? Is prevailing wage a fair wage? Prevailing wage is a law in Illinois, and it is a tool used by unions and flies in the face of free enterprise.

The City of Loves Park had to deal with the “Prevailing Wage law” when they hired Comprehensive Community Solutions (CCS) to deconstruct the Hines LumberYard structures. CCS is the nonprofit parent organization of YouthBuild Rockford.

Five YouthBuild graduates were hired as part of a green job training program. According to an article in The Rock River Times by Staff Writer Stuart R. Wahlin, the YouthBuild graduates were paid $10 an hour base pay.

Because of the prevailing wage law and the Carpenters Union, the city was forced to pay back pay to YouthBuild Rockford. The city was also fined. The city has dropped plans for deconstruction and has decided to demolish the structures at prevailing wages for union laborers.

Greed does exist in corporate America. Many, and possibly most, corporate CEOs make way too much money, and most pay too little taxes. However, it is not always because of greed corporations send jobs outside the USA. Many are forced to do so to exist. They simply can’t stay in business and pay the “fair wage” demanded by unions.

John Mullen

From the June 5-11, 2013, issue

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