Help free us from special interests

I can’t afford a lobbyist, so I made this sign.” Whatever you thought of the rest of it, that message resonated with most of us. Eighteen months later, we still can’t afford lobbyists, and those who can, control Washington, D.C.

Since Congress is completely dependent on these special-interest campaign funders, they are incapable of bringing about change themselves. We must force it on them. The American Anti-Corruption Act gives us a means to do that.

A group of knowledgeable reformers from across the political spectrum have come together to compose a comprehensive piece of legislation that attacks the root of the corruption. explains how the AACA stops lobbyist bribery, ends secret money and empowers everyday Americans.

The creators of the act are not seeking support for it from Congress; they are seeking the support of you, the citizens. Once we have sufficient support, only then do we take it to Congress and demand they pass it as is, no amendments or alterations. Sign up to become a citizen co-sponsor and help free our country from the grip of special interests at Represent.Us.

Elizabeth Lindquist
Roscoe, Ill.

From the June 12-18, 2013, issue

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