Clarifying the issue

June 19, 2013

Editor’s note: The following is in response to a May 22-28 Letter to the Editor by Sheila Vayenas, “Response to letter about dog abortion,” which was in response to Philip J. Wilson’s original Letter to the Editor, “Follow the reasoning …,” from the May 8-14 issue.

I want to thank Ms. Sheila Vayenas for her letter in the May 22-28 issue regarding abortions for dogs.

I was not aware that “No vet will abort a long-term pregnancy and kill live pups.”

Since doctors who practice abortion will terminate a pregnancy, and some will kill live children (partial birth abortion and those born after an abortion), I will seek an abortionist if my dog gets pregnant.

Philip J. Meyers
Durand, Ill.

From the June 19-25, 2013, issue

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