Love can be other than sexual

The Atlantic (June 2013 issue) has some glaring errors concerning “What Straights Can Learn From Same-Sex Couples.”

First, did the author ever hear of the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? The two sexes are very different psychologically as well as physically. Of course, same-sex couples get along better. Who can disagree with one’s opinions and philosophy when they are the same as your own to begin with? The excitement and real compromise comes from the difference between a man and a woman.

I taught high school students for years, and inevitably, every year some football player or basketball player would indicate they were struggling with the idea that they might be homosexual because they really liked their teammates. I had to haul out my rationale for platonic love and ease the poor kid’s mind.

Some examples:

I know of three brothers who never had any luck with finding wives and live together quite happily. No, they’re not “gay.” I know this as, I’ve heard them talk about gals they met (and _____) in bars.

I also know two middle-aged women who have been very financially successful in their careers and live together, and I know them well enough to know they are not lovers. They travel together, belong to clubs, etc., and laugh a lot.

What we need in our messed-up society is a third option. One can be straight or homosexual, or independent (someone who loves another without sex). This is really what ought to be taught to our young.

Alice Kaczmarek

From the June 19-25, 2013, issue

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