The Land Connection News: June 18, 2013

The Land Connection News
There is a lot going on at the Land Connection this spring! We are accepting applications for this year’s Central Illinois Farm Beginnings class, field days are starting to pop up on the calendar, our weekly vegetable series, Farm Fresh Now!, was launched, and we have several new employees! This week, we’d like to introduce our summer office intern, Stephanie Fenty. Stephanie, an Illinois Wesleyan student, started working with us as a volunteer over the winter, and she was so fantastic we couldn’t let her go. To read more about Stephanie, check out The Land Connection blog.
Central Illinois Farm Beginnings
emmaWant to Jump-Start Your Sustainable Farm Business?

Then now is the time to apply for The Land Connection’s Central Illinois Farm Beginnings class. This is a full-year farmer training program for anyone wanting to engage in sustainable, entrepreneurial farming. Central Illinois Farm Beginnings provides important instruction and training opportunities through three key components:

  • Business Planning Seminars -Eight full-day Saturday seminars focus on intensive business planning. Presenters include many successful farmers and business people, as well as University of Illinois and USDA experts. The seminars are held at The Land Connection’s office in Bloomington, IL. (October-March)
  • On-Farm Field Days – Participants may attend at no cost all on-farm Central Illinois Sustainable Farming Network Field Days, which provide hands-on instruction in farmer-identified areas of need. (March-November)
  • One-on-One Mentorships – Every participant in CIFB has the opportunity to engage in a customized season-long relationship with an experienced local farmer. (May-September)

Interested in joining our next CIFB class?  Visit our Apply Now page for more details. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (217) 840-2128 or

Workshops and Field Days
Is Entrepreneurial Farming for You?

July 8, 2013 and July 29, 2013

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own farm business? “Is Entrepreneurial Farming For You?”  is an interactive workshop designed to help you learn what it takes to do just that!

Participants will have the opportunity to meet experienced sustainable farmers, learn about different successful farm enterprises, an ask questions about the genesis and development of local farm businesses. The workshop will cover resource assessment, goal-setting, financial planning and marketing options. For more information or to register, check out the TLC website here.

Field Day: Dealing With Weeds

June 26, 2013

Weeds are often the bane of an organic farmer or gardener’s existence, especially in a wet year like this one, out competing vegetables for space and sun.  To help out, The Land Connection is hosting a farm tour and working field day at Henry’s Farm, a local, organic vegetable farm. To learn more, or register for this field day, click here.

Farm Fresh Now!
FFN BugFarm Fresh Now! Secrets of a Seasonal Cook is a project of The Land Connection, and is made possible with generous funding from the Illinois Department of Agriculture to promote production and consumption of healthy and delicious Illinois specialty crops.

This week’s article is about the Sputnik vegetable. Not sure what it is? Read more here.

Support The Land Connection
veggie heart Your hard-earned dollars are like sun and rain for The Land Connection. They allow us to train farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques; inform the public about the sources of our food and why that matters; and work to protect and enhance farmland so that we, and generations to come, will have clean air and water, fertile soil, and healthy, delicious food. To make a donation to The Land Connection, click here.

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