Don’t be a fool and approve home rule

In reference to “Home rule gains traction” and Tim Durkee’s opinion “taxation is a fool’s argument and it’s one-dimensional thinking” (Rockford Register Star, June 16, 2013): Being a fool is expecting better results by resurrecting a failed policy of the past. Being a fool is to approve home rule again with its potentially negative consequences to the residents of Rockford.

Home rule was previously rejected in Rockford by voters fed up with property tax increases as well as usurped authority to impose regulations and mandates of irresponsible governance. The regulations and mandates create long-term costs adding to the tax burden of the residents.

Taxes have indeed increased in Rockford without home rule, and no doubt will continue to spiral out of control. Tax and spend is commonly known as Politics 101. Home rule is a vehicle by which Rockford’s politicians are freed from the encumbrance of voter approval of any unnecessary, and often unwanted, regulations and impositions. Shame on the politicians who were previously granted home rule and abused that trust. Shame on the voters of Rockford if they choose to ignore history and vote again to trust the politicians with home rule and its many vices.

Charles E. Sims

From the June 26-July 2, 2013, issue

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