New highway hazard: Watch out for airborne manure!

Monday, April 29, 2013, at 1:30 p.m., my three children and I were victims of “Bio Terrorism Tourism” as we were heading south from the Wisconsin Dells on Hwy. 12 between Baraboo and Prairie Du Sac. Center pivots in full swing made us roll up those windows and speed even faster as we searched for air that was not burning our lungs and nostrils. Just when we got to a clean pocket of air, the caustic stench happened a second time. A service van on the opposite side of the road had pulled over with the driver sitting on the ground using an inhaler! He could not even operate his vehicle!

The day before on this same route, it was full of haze so thick we could not see the usual pines on the scenic hills. We did get to see a guy get out of his car and puke on the side of the road, though. Liquefied manure is just a multiplier for hazardous toxins and pathogens to be ingested by citizens doing their everyday activities, you know, like bio terrorism.

Agriculture, especially dairy, was never meant to be like this. Ban the irrigation plot.

Susan Turner
Warren, Ill.

From the July 17-23, 2013, issue

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