Response to Tim Hughes’ rebuttal on gun law enforcement

Editor’s note: The following is in response to Tim Hughes’ July 3-9 Letter to the Editor, “The problem with gun law enforcement.” Hughes was writing in response to John Kight’s guest column, “Enforcement of current gun laws would save lives,” from the June 19-25 issue.

In response to Mr. Hughes’ rebuttal of my commentary, perhaps Mr. Hughes should address my point. The federal government is doing NOTHING to enforce laws currently on the books. The National Rifle Association (NRA) or ILA has absolutely nothing to do with that fact. To the contrary, every NRA public statement has supported the enforcement of current laws. Instead, Mr. Hughes tries to divert the discussion from law enforcement to acts of terrorism. He would have us believe that piling on more laws that will also be left unenforced will magically solve the problem.

Mr. Hughes, have you ever been on a military base? At least on an infantry base, people are walking around with guns everywhere. Live fire exercises are an everyday occurrence. A psycho or terrorist has every opportunity to kill people with weapons a lot more deadly than a handgun. The Department of Defense’s response was another useless gesture.

Regarding his comments about my “rage” and “anger,” yes, I am angry. I am angry that 20 children are dead and for the last 20 years, nobody has lifted a finger to enforce current gun laws.

Adam Lanza was rejected by the instant check. Instead of following up, our government was asleep at the switch. In Joe Biden’s words, “We don’t have time to enforce the law.” Now, 20 children are dead. A better question is, why isn’t everyone angry? Unenforced gun laws, unenforced immigration laws, yet we spend billions of dollars on law enforcement! See a problem here?

All the politicians want to do is pass even more laws, then tell us our problems are solved. In my opinion, Mr. Hughes has bought into the current Washington-think that pass a law, slap each other on the back, and then call it a day actually solves a problem.

John Kight

From the July 17-23, 2013, issue

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