Lower grading standards in Poplar Grove schools a liberal utopia

It appears the progressives (a.k.a. liberals) have found yet another way of helping high school students win. The Poplar Grove school system has lowered the bar in grading so more students can earn A’s and B’s. They have lowered the requirements for every grade point in the system, and have eliminated the D grade. They have done this to get their students into colleges for which they would not otherwise be qualified, and in which they are not prepared to function successfully.

In my opinion, these folks are pikers. Why not give these kids a real break? How about anything from 100 to 35 earns an A and from 34 to 10 gets a B? Just think of it, a class full of wunderkinds all earning A’s and B’s. This school will be lauded throughout the country for its stellar performance.

After all, if we are going to dumb down America, why do it in half measure? We certainly don’t want to hurt these children’s feelings by giving them sub-standard grades, even though that is what they have earned. To top it off, they could make every student in the graduating class valedictorian. I think you will agree, that is a liberal, utopian dream come true.

Dave Willis

From the July 24-30, 2013, issue

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