Politicians make cuts in wrong places

What part of discretionary do the pols of both parties not understand? When they speak of federal spending cuts, it’s mostly on the entitlement side. Is that because they’ve got political debts to repay with more employees in the bureaucratic maze full of federal busybodies harassing the people who really do the work? The discretionary part of the budget could be cut in half, and no one would probably know the difference.

A good example of bureaucracy run amok is the Department of Education with its very dubious programs of forced integration, “Head Start,” block scheduling and other such hindrances to real education. “No Child Left Behind” threatens to close schools that do not measure up to certain arbitrary standards. It’s as if the school building is to blame for students not performing even better than they’re possibly able.

Entitlement spending could be cut by raising more the age eligibility requirements for Social Security and Medicare and making them both means tested.

The federal budget could be balanced with barely harmful cuts rather than tax increases that are much more likely to harm our already hazardous economy.

Michael A. Smith

From the July 24-30, 2013, issue

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