Films by Rock Valley students to be screened Aug. 1

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Eight short films from Rock Valley College (RVC) students and their instructor will be screened as part of the Fourth Annual Summer MoPic Screening to be held at 6 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 1, in the Performing Arts Room (lower level of the ERC building) on Rock Valley College’s main campus, 3301 N. Mulford Road.

Admission for the event is free and open to the public. An open house of the Rock Valley College Department of Mass Communication will follow the screenings. The films to be screened were made during the recent eight-week summer semester. They were all produced during the COM 297 “Motion Picture Production” course. The films will include the following:

Try Again A not-so-romantic comedy of a clueless guy looking for love in a coffee shop. Made by students Kiara Morgan, Rosalie Gaffney, Cherish Warden and Anthony Ertmer.

PedicuresA comedy about a man dragged to the salon by his fiancé against his will. Made by student Thao “Julie” Nguyen.

The Dudes A day-in-the-life comedy of two best buds after a rather badly thought-out decision to “dine and dash.” Made by students Mike Huffington, Michale Swalve and Connor Strehl.

PhoenixAn action/thriller that follows a secret operative’s daughter as she unravels what really happened to her father. Made by students Eduardo Hernandez, Nick Howard and Kevin Spaw.

Cheater A comedy of a guy who tries really hard to avoid getting caught while dating two girls at the same time. Made by Pedro Cruz and James Lincicum.

The LeVeyanSet in 1975, this dark thriller follows the actions of a violent psychopath as he stalks a mysterious girl. Made by students John Phillip, Ed Hoff and Marcus Hodges.

The final film will be Hack’d Together, a short film produced as an all-class project by the course students and their instructor. It tells a story of a college undergrad who is unsure about his studies and his future. He decides to take a moment for himself and his friends and starts a game of hacky sack on campus to relax. A short documentary detailing what happens during the course of the entire MoPic class will be shown before this film.

Call the RVC Department of Mass Communication at (815) 921-3360.

Posted July 31, 2013

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