Response to John Kight about guns

Editor’s note: The following is in response to the July 17-23 Letter to the Editor, “Response to Tim Hughes’ rebuttal on gun law enforcement,” by John Kight, which was in response to Hughes’ July 3-9 Letter to the Editor, “The problem with gun law enforcement.” Hughes was writing in response to Kight’s original guest column, “Enforcement of current gun laws would save lives,” from the June 19-25 issue.

In his response to my RRT letter to the editor, John Kight asks if I have ever been on a military base. Yes! Several times when visiting relatives stationed at those bases. Those young men and women are the pride of our nation, putting themselves in harm’s way to defend us, and we should repay our debt of gratitude by making sure they aren’t in harm’s way when returning to their bases. Kight says a psycho or terrorist can kill people with something deadlier than a handgun, but that was no ordinary handgun the Fort Hood shooter used in killing and wounding fellow soldiers. It was a Belgium-made FN-seven, a 5.7 mm. high-capacity semi-automatic gun with laser aiming accessories called by experts “the most high-tech gun available” capable of firing 5.7×28 mm. armor-piercing ammunition, which had been ordered off the U.S. civilian market, but the shooter was able to purchase and use because dealers were allowed to finish selling their stock.

Kight believes I have bought into “Washington think,” but I wasn’t calling for passage of any laws, but having read First Freedom magazine, the NRA’s official publication, Kight has obviously bought into its thinking!

Tim Hughes

From the July 31-Aug. 6, 2013, issue

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