Dogs could die in hot car!

Today, I arrived at the downtown library at noon for my three-hour volunteer shift and immediately notified the front desk and Animal Control that two dogs were panting in an airless car next to mine. The library announced the car’s info several times on loudspeaker. The first Animal Control officer didn’t arrive until 1 p.m. The second arrived even later. Both claimed they had no authority to open the car’s window — only the police could, and they were “on the way.” When I called the police, I was told they had no authority. Only an Animal Control investigator did. She finally joined the other two, plus a Rockford cop, in standing around that car until 1:50, when the young female owner was located, through a library employee’s phone calls to downtown establishments.

On one of several dashes to the lot, I heard someone say, “The dog in the front isn’t moving.” All four tax-paid “officers” allowed the owner to run back to wherever she works for her car keys unescorted. She could have decided not to return, knowing she was in trouble.

When I asked the investigator why she was allowed to leave with those poor dogs, she responded, “We only take them if distressed.” If being in a blast furnace for two to four hours isn’t distressed, what qualifies?

My 10-year-old Australian shepherd with twice their fur would have died. By the way, I saw nobody give them water. If two innocent lives aren’t worth a door lock, the law must change!

Luckily, both dogs survived. I said, “Shame on you,” and on behalf of all of us not paid by the city to save them, I wasn’t talking just to that thoughtless girl.

Carolyn S. Kelley

From the Aug. 7-13, 2013, issue

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