From zero to two fantasy football leagues in one week

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

Since my column about fantasy football ran last week, I have gone from not being in a league to joining two different ones. The first one I was invited to join was through a friend who read last week’s column. He called me last Wednesday and said his league had one opening left and if I wanted in, it was mine. I agreed.

The other league I joined is through Casey’s Pub in Loves Park, Ill. I was made aware of this league via an e-mail I received from Nick, the owner of the establishment. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. The winner of this league will be rewarded with a very nice prize. The Casey’s Pub league champion will get roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations and $150 spending money to “invest” in Las Vegas. I’d really like to win that!

My first league holds our draft this Friday night (Aug. 16). This league doesn’t quite have as cool a prize as the Casey’s league has. The champion here will take home some paper that has pictures of dead presidents on it. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to win this league as well, but my intentions are to use this league as a warm-up/dress rehearsal for the Casey’s league.

I plan on taking copious notes this week and getting a feel for which players are coveted and which others might fall to the later rounds. Most fantasy players will agree one of the keys to winning any league is picking up an impact player or two in one of the later rounds. These guys are the so-called sleepers or steals.

Our draft in the Casey’s league isn’t until the Wednesday (Sept. 4) prior to the start of the regular season opener between the defending champion Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. A game I know I’ll be extra interested in, because I’m fairly confident there are players on both of those teams whom I wouldn’t mind having on one or both of my fantasy teams.

Now, I need to come up with a couple of catchy names for my teams. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any suggestions. I encourage creativity on this one.

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From the Aug. 14-20, 2013, issue

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