Goodbye, local daily newspaper?

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Josh Trust, publisher of the Rockford Register Star.


Thank you for trying to return my phone call, but as phone tag can get totally frustrating, perhaps a note is easier?

I’d like to think you are truly trying to get the Register-Republic/Morning Star back to its original quality and content, but I fear you have been handed a “Blibbet” (that is 3 pounds of manure in a 1-pound sack) by your owners!

Let’s take a glance at just a few of the items that probably have the Todd Family wondering what went wrong with their publication!

(1) Proofreading … apparently non-existent. Latest example is the “agate” listing for the Men’s City Golf Tournament. In the middle of the golf scores, you inserted a soccer item?

(2) Now, take a look at almost any issue and locate the typos, dropped words and sentences, badly divided words and widows!

Is this because you re-decided to move composition and prepress out of town (thanks for saving the local jobs for our local paper)!

If you took away the double truck car ads and the endless obituaries and the duplication of advice columns, you could probably squeeze everything that is left into an 11-by-18 duplicator size.

Delivery? … Maybe!! I have lost track of missed deliveries. Perhaps Dee has a record of my phone requests? You cannot contact Mr. Schlickman, as his phone message simply asks you to leave a name and number if you are interested in a route.

(3) Customer service is in Arizona (more support for local employment?) … how can they have any idea of what is happening in Rockford, Ill.? The latest contact was a real trip! Your representative in Arizona told me they do not re-deliver Monday through Friday. Why? She did not know, but she will give me a credit. I cannot read a credit … when will I get my paper? This totally threw her. Then, she tried to convince me that she was the highest authority I needed to speak to! WRONG!! Finally got a lady who got things working.

In closing, please be up front enough to let us know when your corporation intends to discontinue our only daily printed news source?

Your Customer,

Dan Sears
Roscoe, Ill.

From the Aug. 14-20, 2013, issue

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