Schilling likely to resort to old tricks

In 2010, the conservative U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision made it legal for corporations and individuals to give anonymous, unlimited amounts of money to political campaigns. This opened the doors for Tea Party candidates like Bobby Schilling to receive boatloads of money from the likes of the Koch brothers and the ultra-right-wing Citizens United Political Victory Fund. This will enable Schilling to potentially outspend Cheri Bustos on a large scale, and to spread political untruths the likes of which were seen in that expensive, phony “newspaper” he circulated right before the 2012 election. It backfired on him, and those of us who saw through it were relieved that Bustos’s integrity triumphed over Schilling’s (big money’s) lies.

I’ve heard he’s again counting on big money, along with the 2014 off-year election’s lower voter turnout, to take the seat back. To all the working people, small business owners, students, poor people, seniors and people of color in the 17th Congressional District: Let’s prove him wrong again! Cheri Bustos is doing a great job looking out for us.

Caryn Unsicker
Silvis, Ill.

From the Aug. 14-20, 2013, issue

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