Putting the cart before the horse

West State Street has been torn up too long, and I ask why isn’t our Mayor Larry Morrissey keeping it simple, without all the added frills (amenities)? Because this money isn’t coming out of our city council’s (personal) pockets!

Why not just fix up this existing highway and forget about the added expenses? Which are a large meridian, enormous (cement) tree and flower holders, and an unnecessary bicycle path. But this construction is only the first segment of our mayor’s master plan (pipe dream)! With two more to go, which will finally end at Meridian Road, when our Rockford City Council has overlooked some possible repercussions! That the motorists can’t turn to the left or right of West State Street, with only out-of-the-way designated areas. The neighborhoods to the north and south of this monstrosity highway will all be bottle-necked with one way in and the same way out.

It’s been said, “first things first.” Our city leaders (supposed) need to encourage more tourist attractions and give loans to new companies. Then, watch our unemployment rates decline, generating more revenue for a rainy day.

Philip J. Wilson

From the Aug. 21-27, 2013, issue

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