Don’t start a war with Syria!

Who wins if our leaders once again take our nation off to war?

The rebels who have sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda or the brutal dictator whom they oppose?

To be sure, the ongoing humanitarian crisis should be addressed by the global community, but it is our belief that there is no compelling American interest in intervening militarily in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The only winners in this war will be the world’s arms manufacturers and Syria’s local grave diggers.

If Syria’s neighbors see fit to intervene, let them make that decision in consultation with their own consciences.

But in a concerted effort, local residents of both Illinois’ 16th and 17th Congressional Districts — representing both Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals — urge our elected officials to oppose any political position which would jeopardize American neutrality in the ongoing Syrian conflict.

We hear the drumbeat for war — but it is a song we know all too well and reject.

John Galbo, NILB, Kari Humphrey, Green Party, Brian Ziemer, Green Party, Bill Weiss, OCCUPY Rockford, David Jl. Soll, coordinator for PDA Northern IL, Carol Ahrens, PDA Northern IL, Elizabeth Lindquist, PDA Northern Illinois, Rick Kurtz, Concerned Citizen, Rob Roquet, RSOL, Richard Gallati, Concerned Citizen, Tiffany Wiegartz, Concerned Citizen, Brandon Wiegart, Concerned Citizen, Jessica Muelner, Concerned Citizen, Sandra Elizabeth Lindquist, RSOL, Janice Glyn-Gallagher, RSOL, Diane Ekern, RSOL, Karen Herwig Clarke, RSOL, Joanne Penniston, RSOL, Paul Engelbrecht, RSOL, Robin Langenfeld, RSOL, Rise M. Powers, RSOL, Mike Schlossman, RSOL, Brett Guenzler, independent conservative voter, Allen Showers, Local 150 IUOE, Del Wasso, RSOL, AFSCME Local 817, Peter Thomas, Rockford Tea Party, Tom Cravatta, Rockford Tea Party, Tim Alderson, Rockford Tea Party, Derek Walton, Rockford Tea Party, Eric Sweet, Rockford Tea Party, Judi Gouker, Rockford Tea Party, Fred Gouker, Rockford Tea Party, Gary Mousel, Rockford Tea Party, Judy Castrey, Rockford Tea Party, Joshua Merritt, Rockford Tea Party, Diane Lynn Kennicker, Rockford Tea Party, Darin Bergland, Rockford Tea Party, Mary Dagostino, Rockford Tea Party, Bob Misna, Rockford Tea Party, Paul Yttrie, Rockford Tea Party, Jerry Olson, Rockford Tea Party, Mark Edwards, Rockford Tea Party, David Hale, Coordinator, Rockford Tea Party

From the Sept. 4-10, 2013, issue

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