Guest Column: Writers ignored facts in Zimmerman case

By Frank Vito

I need to respond to the two commentary/letters to the editor in the July 17-23 Rock River Times regarding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and its result. It appears the two individuals did not observe the trial and were brainwashed by ABC, NBC, CBS and especially MSNBC. These stations, from the beginning, made this a racial issue — i.e., a white killing an unarmed black teen-ager — before the facts were known. Subsequently, we were informed Zimmerman was part Hispanic. Then, these same stations continued to make it racial by saying he is a white/Hispanic. If we follow the same guidelines, then President Barack Obama is a white/African-American, and Tiger Woods is an Asian/African-American.

We all need to stop placing race on every killing between races. We need to place pressure on the administration and politicians in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York, etc., in an attempt to lower and even stop black-on-black murders in these cities. For example, there were 74 shooting victims and 12 shooting deaths during the same Fourth of July period in Chicago. As we should all know, last year more killings were in Chicago than there were in Afghanistan for the same period. However, we don’t hear these same stations running this headline and doing follow-ups. This crime wave in Chicago and other cities should be addressed by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rather than both continuing to promote racial tensions.

The FBI interviewed 40 individuals, and all indicated Zimmerman was not racist. He dated a black and also mentored blacks. The Florida prosecutors and Martin’s attorney both said this was not a racial issue. But again, here is our President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the NAACP, and all the same TV stations continuing to make this a racial issue.

There was a comment made by another uninformed person in your newspaper, and she stated, “to begin talking to friends about my only recourse to effect change: economic boycott” and “While there was no violent protest last night, make no mistake: this is not over. The whirlwind you reap is the one you sowed.”

This represents another person who is brainwashed and promotes the same violence of Jackson and Sharpton. Economic boycott only hurts the people she is attempting to help. They need food, shelter and clothing. This is a ridiculous comment. Also, the last comment will just promote more racial divide, and she will be the loser.

There are a lot of us who need to sit back with an open mind and not be brainwashed by some of these TV stations and their so-called commentators. We ALL need to work together to solve any and all problems. I once told my black friend and her family, “when we close our eyes, we all look the same.” By the way, I am a white Italian-American.

Frank Vito is a resident of Machesney Park, Ill.

From the Sept. 11-17, 2013, issue

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