NO to Syria strike

I supported the invasion of Iraq. Remember Saddam gassing the Kurds? Then, after our tremendous investment in lives and money, freeing them from a sadistic dictator, they turned on us. I wish we had just left Saddam in power … the Iraqis deserved him.

I supported the invasion of Afghanistan. However, I see now that Afghanis do not value a democratic government and the freedoms we enjoy. Afghanis care about little beyond their tribal enclaves. Although I still think we had to go into that country to clean out the terrorists, our efforts at replacing the religious dictators with a representative government have failed. Within a year of our departure, the Taliban will be back in control.

Then-Sen. Barack Obama stated in 2007 that our president did not have the authority to order military action against another country in the absence of a threat to our country.

President Obama apparently has a memory problem, as Syria poses no threat to the United States. After all that we sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the little we gained, I say NO to military adventurism in Syria, or anywhere else in the Mideast, to include Egypt.

Let somebody else take this one.

John Kight

From the Sept. 11-17, 2013, issue

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