Editorial: Winnebago County needs a recycling green guide

By Susan Johnson
Copy Editor

Ogle County has a produced a concise, practical book that would be a good idea for Winnebago County to emulate. In January 2013, the Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department published its “Ogle County Waste Disposal & Recycling ‘Green Guide’” whose purpose is to make waste reduction, recycling and disposal easier. In fact, this is the second edition.

Some of the topics covered include: solid waste management planning; electronics recycling; what is and is not allowed in landfills; waste hauling companies and what they haul; waste disposal laws and regulations; open dumping and burning of waste; landfills, transfer stations and compost sites in Ogle and surrounding counties; curbside refuse and recycling information; businesses accepting large appliances for service, repair and recycling; tire/oil recycling facilities; resale and thrift shops; and more.

The information is presented in an easily accessible format, including addresses, telephone numbers and websites. Some common recycling symbols and their uses are explained. Instructions are included about how to prepare different materials for recycling. Information about laws and regulations about waste disposal is also included.

Stephen Rypkema, director of Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department, explained how the guide was produced. “It was our department here that put together the second edition of the guide,” he said. “It was done by the staff: Joy Bliton (Solid Waste Management specialist), Reita Nicholson, administrative assistant, and myself. We put most of it together. It’s an ever-changing list because the different companies that are listed — some go out of business or change what they will accept. We do have an online version of it as well in a PDF file. But that one we can update periodically without having to go into print.

All three of us were involved in writing, editing and updating of that document,” he continued. “We are trying to find an easy way for people to know how to recycle or dispose of pretty much anything they might end up with in a household or a small business.”
Winnebago County, here’s your example; let’s see if we can produce a similar book for our local residents. It would be a good investment.

From the Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2013, issue

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