Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water Weekly Newsletter, Oct. 10

Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water
Weekly Newsletter
October 10, 2013

ICCAW Gives a Special “Shout-Out” to the Rock River Times!
The Rock River Times has always been one of the best news sources in Illinois when it comes to factory farm issues and we are so appreciate of this! This week we’re giving the paper a special “shout-out” because they published our last ICCAW weekly newsletter in full!  Follow the link below to check it out. Thank you, Rock River Times!

Help support our friends in Colorado stand up for their rights to local control and public health in their case against a factory farm!

One of our Socially Responsible Agriculture Project clients in Colorado is fighting a battle that will have national implications on the public health impacts of factory farms. The group recently won a challenge against their County’s approval of two poultry operations based on evidence of adverse health impacts one of the facilities was having on neighboring residents and the incompatibility of the operations with the surrounding area.  While the County was required by the Court to immediately issue a cease and desist order to the operation that was built during the pending litigation, the County and the poultry producers are appealing.  And the Farm Bureau is backing the appeal! It is rare to see a facility be shut down after it’s been in operation. It’s also significant that the Court clearly recognized the health impacts the existing facility was having on neighbors. But the Farm Bureau is trying to help get the Court’s decision overturned. See a recent article about the Farm Bureau’s involvement in the case here. Please show your support for the local community group who is defending their rights to their property and health against all odds by making a small donation to their website at the second link provided below. This is another David vs. Goliath story that deserves to be won and the group needs all the support they can get!

ACTION ALERT! The FDA’s new food safety rules have the real potential to force some of the nation’s safest local and organic farms out of business
Here is what you can do today…click below to read the complete action alert.


AFBF and NCGA appeal Chesapeake Bay ruling
Brownfield Ag News
October 8, 2013
Julie Harker

Fracking: Public to soon learn who wants to extract Illinois oil: Companies seeking fracking projects must start registering this month with state
Chicago Tribune


EPA’s TMDL authority affirmed by court
Environmental Compliance News
October 4, 2013
The agricultural sector is withering as a U.S. district court upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) broad authority to participate in the implementation of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs).  A large group of agricultural organizations charged that the EPA had unlawfully overridden the rights of individual states to implement a TMDL for nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in the Chesapeake Bay.

PEPL of Rosendale Challenge WDNR’s Intent to Reissue Rosendale Dairy’s Permit to Discharge Pollutants: Concerns continue over pathogen inhalation of toxic air emissions
Press Release
October 3, 2013
Contact: Elaine Swenson

Iowa DNR Representative Talks About Million Gallon Manure Spill Near Melvin
October 2, 2013
Workers at a factory farm in Northwest Iowa are cleaning up an enormous manure mess this week. The High Plains Dairy in Osceola County released an enormous amount of raw dairy manure after a malfunction. The manure is being held in a dry creek bed and being pumped onto nearby fields. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues to prepare enforcement actions for the spill.

As California Begins Regulating Fracking, Agricultural Concerns Arise
Food Safety News
October 1, 2013
By James Andrews
A recent fracking bill in California will supposedly have the toughest laws on fracking in the United States. However, citizens continue to oppose fracking – especially the food and wine industry. California chefs released a petition asking others in the food industry to help them oppose fracking and push for a moratorium on fracking.

FDA to Withdraw Approvals for Arsenic in Animal Feed
Food Safety News
October 1, 2013
By News Desk
The Food and Drug Administration finally announced this week that it is formally withdrawing approval for the utilization of arsenic-based drugs in animal feed, which have been used in animal production since the 1940’s to promote growth.

U.S. Senator Worried about Chinese Chicken
Food Safety News
September 23, 2013
By Lynne Terry
Read this article by Lynne Terry about Chinese chicken and the unknowns United States (U.S.) consumers now face. We are still being warned to avoid pet jerky treats from China, but chicken nuggets are on the way!  A U.S. Senator has written to Tom Vilsack with concerns over the export of unmarked and uninspected cooked chicken meat to the U.S.

Gestation Crates Have No Place in U.S. Food Production
September 23, 2013
By Wayne Pacelle
Read this Op Ed by Wayne Paelle regarding the past 18 months in the fight against factory farms. Lawmakers, the public, producers, retailers and others are getting on board and standing against the immobilization and cruel production practices factory farms offer. McDonalds, Safeway, Cracker Barrel, Burger King and others have agreed to help phase out gestation crates.

DNR considers Ebert permit renewal
Door County Advocate
September 20, 2013
By Alyssa Bloechl
This article quotes several of our Socially Responsible Agriculture Project clients from Kewaunee County in northeast Wisconsin.  It is about a dairy expansion permit that will include a state/federal study of the drift of airborne pathogens, and associated public health risks of spray irrigation. The aerial spraying of raw manure in Wisconsin has communities concerned for public health.

Kewaunee County Animal Feeding Operation Fined $100K
Door County Daily News
September 20, 2013
By Rick Jensen
$100,000 in fines and fees have been levied against the owner of a large scale factory farm in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin.

CDC: Human use key factor in antibiotic resistance
September 20, 2013
By Dan Grant
Don’t miss Illinois Farm Bureau’s “re-spin” of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) report. They are in “spin mode” claiming that activist groups in recent years have blamed agriculture for antibiotic resistance and enough safeguards are already in place, as our country’s livestock continue to gorge on antimicrobials!

Proposed FDA Food Safety Rules Support Factory Farming, Threaten Family Farms
September 20, 2013
By The Cornucopia Institute

Chipotle’s Haunting New Anti-Factory Farming Ad
Rodale News
September 18, 2013
By Emily Main
Since Chipotle was founded, they have shown that fast food can be made available to the public in ways that are respectful of animals, humans, and the environment. Their most recent step is to label genetically modified food on the menu, and have now introduced the “scarecrow” ad. The advertisement highlights the horrendous aspects of factory farming with animated characters.

CDC Report Links Antibiotics in Agriculture to Rise of Superbugs
September 18, 2013
By Carmen Cordova
Don’t miss this informative article!  Carmen Cordova highlights and links to several recent peer-reviewed studies regarding antibiotic resistance and offers a great overview of the new Center for Disease Control (CDC) report, including an informative diagram, which visually explains how antibiotic resistance spreads.

Exposure to Pig Farms and Manure Fertilizers Associated with MRSA Infections
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
September 16, 2013
By Tim Parsons


Fate of ammonia emissions at the local to regional scale as stimulated by the Community Multiscale Air Quality model
Atmospheric Pollution Research
By Robin L. Dennis, Rohit Mathur, John T. Walker

Study: Industrial Food animal-workers test positive for livestock associated MRSA
The Pump Handle
July 12, 2013
By Kim Krisberg
This is a “don’t miss” article that discusses how recent research demonstrates that food animal workers at industrial livestock operations were more likely to test positive for livestock associated drug resistant strains of staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

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