Auburn/Main roundabout issues

Approaching the Main/Auburn roundabout, a yield sign gives you safety advice as you navigate through it. The sign needs to be MERGE.

In a MERGE situation, yielding is required by the one entering traffic, but the motive is to have a smooth flow of traffic. With a YIELD sign, motorists are more likely to STOP and wait for anything they may see as a hazard. This is why they have MERGE signs on the on ramps of major highways!

The roundabout works best when you drive to it and MERGE into traffic, not stop and signal for others to go on by.

Your first trip through the roundabout should be the last time you get so flustered that you must stop and wonder what to do next. After your first use of a roundabout, it should be evident that you do NOT stop, but move through the intersection as seamlessly as possible!

We need a cop at the four entrances of the roundabout with a stick to knock people upside the head when they can’t just GO! I would LOVE that job!

Dan Smyth

From the Oct. 23-29, 2013, issue

One thought on “Auburn/Main roundabout issues

  • Oct 26, 2013 at 4:04 am

    What the heck, just go and don’t crash!

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