Benefits of the sun

The sun is not your enemy! The chemicals that make up the sun are (in part) hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. The chemicals that make up humans are also hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.The planet could not survive without the sun.

There are many benefits to getting a few (15-20) minutes of sunshine every day. It is a natural antibiotic — able to kill viruses and bacteria, it can also lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, decrease the bad, and it can even reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Sunscreen blocks all the benefits, including vitamin D.

The pharmaceutical industry has indoctrinated us with the dangers of sunshine — obviously there’s a lot of profit in this? When was the last time you heard about the benefits of sunshine?

A few years ago, seeing my grandkids being slathered with sunscreen, I worried about the strange chemicals listed on the label. We all know that skin patches (nicotine, hormones, etc.) are all rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. I phoned the FDA to see if these weird chemicals were safe to use. The official in Washington said that since sunscreen is neither a food nor a drug, the FDA does not test it for safety at all. They simply leave that research up to the manufacturer. Ha — where have we heard that before?

Alice Kaczmarek

From the Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2013, issue

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