Ask the Doc: Upper cervical a perfect fit for those afraid of forceful adjustments

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By Dr. Philip Schalow

I had a bad car accident. Wouldn’t chiropractic be more traumatic for me?”

No. There are more than 200 different chiropractic procedures. There are a few of them that are more forceful, but there are several that are so gentle that you can’t feel the adjustment.

For example, upper cervical chiropractic with the NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) procedure is such a light touch many patients don’t believe anything was actually done. But then, they notice they are standing straighter and symptoms are gradually diminishing.

If there has been trauma, it is critically important to remove the resultant pressure from the nerves so the body can heal normally. Only the chiropractic practitioner is trained to detect and adjust those areas of the spine, called subluxations, that are preventing the body from fixing itself after trauma.

If your concern is the force of the adjustment, then the NUCCA procedure is a perfect fit!

Dr. Philip Schalow is a NUCCA practitioner in Rockford. He owns 1st Step Chiropractic, S.C., 4519 Highcrest Road, Rockford. Call (815) 398-4500 for details or visit

From the Nov. 6-12, 2013, issue

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