Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water weekly newsletter: Nov. 5, 2013

Illinois Citizens for Clean Air & Water
Weekly Newsletter
November 5, 2013


Thank you for taking action on HB2454!  Your activism has made a huge difference!  
All of our efforts seemed to have paid off!  Rumor has it that there was a lot of discussion in the legislature about the bill last week and that there may be an attempt by the Senate to amend the language to address the concerns raised by citizens. We believe the new bill language will make it so citizens will still be able to get CAFO issues on the ballot through township voter referendum. Stay tuned!

Make Your Voice Heard: Submit a Comment to FDA today on the Food Safety Modernization Act
In its push to write new food safety rules based on the Food Safety Modernization Act passed by Congress, FDA is threatening to make sustainable and organic agriculture, local food, and farm conservation efforts collateral damage. As currently written, the rules will: put many farms out of business; reduce the supply of fresh, local produce in schools and hospitals; push farmers to tear out wildlife habitat; and increase the use of chemicals rather than natural fertilizers. FDA is seeking comments from the public – that’s you! The #1 most important thing you can do to help fix FSMA is take a few minutes to submit a comment to FDA either online or through the mail. Use the sample comment provided in the link below to get started! It is important to personalize your comment FDA will read every single submission, and unique comments have the most impact. Submit (or postmark) your comment by the deadline: November 15, 2013!
Visit the URL below to take action:

ACTION ALERT! Pork, Poultry and Penicillin: Health Impacts of Industrial Food Animal Production
Don’t miss this important FREE webinar  Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 7:00pm – 8:00pm. This webinar will include David Wallinga, MD, MPA, founder and director of Healthy Food Action. Tarah Heinzen, the Environmental Integrity Project’s Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Law Fellow, will also be on hand to answer questions.
Click the link below to register.


Study shows how factory farms skirt liability
Rock River Times
October 30-November 5 Issue
A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Rural Sociology documents the pollution and financial liability displaced on rural communities by factory farms through Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs). The study examines a business strategy that Midwest industrial livestock producers use to avoid regulations, pollution controls and liability. “Where’s the Farmer? Limiting Risk and Liability in Midwest Industrial Hog Production” reveals an expanding business strategy in large scale livestock where investors pool their money to form LLC’s. These corporations protect investors’ assets around the components of swine production. The paper details how LLCs externalize their impacts onto rural communities. LLCs hide the identity of investors, limit liability with corporate covers which provides no incentive to protect the community or environment. The study was authored by Loka Ashwood, sociology Ph.D. candidate at University of Wisconsin, Madison; Danielle Diamond, attorney and research associate at Northern Illinois University (NIU); and Dr. Kendall Thu, department of anthropology chairman and professor at NIU.
An online version of the article is available at the Wiley Online Library at .


EPA Study Focus on ‘Emerging’ Releases from Livestock Facilities
Inside Washington Publishers
November 1, 2013
By Amanda Palleschi
EPA has quietly released a brand new study of livestock and poultry manure that examines water quality impacts from pathogens and emerging contaminants, such as antimicrobials and hormones. The report focuses on pathogens and contaminants of growing concern such as antimicrobials and hormones in “Manure. “PA says the study review was done as an effort to document the effects related to contaminants that are of concern.  However EPA will not make policy or regulatory recommendations.
URL for EPA’s Report:

Food Safety News Readers Provide Astute Commentary on Animal Agriculture
Food Safety News
November 1, 2013
By Dr. Robert Lawrence
Read Dr. Robert Lawrence’s rebuttal of former food safety secretary. Recently Undersecretary for Food Safety at USDA penned an article about industrial agriculture, food safety, the recent Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) report on industrial animal production and feeding the world. The article contained opinions that the Center for a Livable Future was incorrect on points in the recent PEW report.

Kraft Agrees to Phase out Artificial Dyes in Some Mac & Cheese Products
Food Safety News
November 1, 2013
By News Desk
An online petition with over 348,000 signatures called for the end to artificial dyes in Kraft products- especially macaroni and cheese. Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No.6 are banned in other countries and the U.K. and are known carcinogens with an association to hyperactivity and health problems.

FDA Releases Draft Report on Pathogens and Filth in Imported Spices
Food Safety News
October 30, 2013
By News Desk
Think about this when baking your pumpkin pies! The USDA reports that 12 percent of spices were contaminated with insects, excrement, hair, and other materials. Salmonella was detected in almost 7 percent of imported spices.

If You Like Candy corn you will love Candy Cows
Oct 31, 2013
By Lois Trader
Cattle farmer are having a difficult time with elevated corn prices and are now feeding their cows candy. Cows are currently being supplemented with chocolate, gummy worms, candy sprinkles, marshmallows, bits of hard candy and hot chocolate mix.

Odor from Sriracha chile plant a nuisance
News Press Now
October 30, 2013
Associated Press
A 650,000 foot chili pepper plant is making life around the neighborhood intolerable in a Southern California community. The odor of garlic and chili peppers wafts over the neighborhood driving people indoors and causing coughing and more.

Mobile Unite ensures humane animal treatment
October 30, 2013
By Jessica Kokesh
The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project’s (SRAP) Renewable Harvest Program introduced a USDA-certified Mobile Meat Processing Unit in Nebraska at Straight Arrow Bison Ranch and the site has been utilized to harvest 20 bison. Laura Krebsbach, director of SRAP’s Renewable Harvest Program adds that the MMPU is a stress-free alternative to livestock slaughter and is a way to give smaller responsible producers a way to reach more consumers and market their meat products.  The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project provides free, professional assistance to people trying to produce and market sustainable agricultural goods. For more information, visit

Community manure pit planned in Wisconsin
Ag Annex
October 29, 2013
By Country Today
A community manure pit is being considered in Dane County, Wisconsin if approved in November.  A proposal for the project calls for a manure storage pit to be built in the town of Springfield near one of two community manure digesters nearby. The manure disposal site would be available to livestock operations that run out of storage on their facilities, with the manure flowing via a pipe to the nearby digester.

Mexico Bans Foster Farms Chicken from Plants Linked to Outbreak
Food Safety News
October 24, 2013
By News Desk
The government of Mexico has banned chicken from three chicken processing plants in the U.S. The plants are Foster Farms, which are linked to a widespread salmonella outbreak in the U.S. Sales have dropped 25 percent since news of the outbreak went public early this month.

GA set to change hog manure rules

Manure Manager Magazine
October 28, 2013
By Statesboro Herald
Georgia would loosen rules meant to prevent hog manure from washing into streams and rivers under a proposal before regulators but critics are still saying that environmental harm will certainly occur with the change.

Environmentally Sensitive ‘Driftless’ Region Highlights CAFO Concerns
Iowa Public Radio/Environment
October 23, 2013
By Clay Masters
Residents in in an Iowa county are concerned about how large quantities of animal manure runoff and spills CAFOs could impact public health and the state’s cold water trout streams.

Report chides animal ag policy: Government has made ‘appalling lack of progress’ since 2008, center says; animal groups see bias
DesMoines Register
October 22, 2013
By Donnelle Eller
A new analysis from the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future says that the current Obama administration and Congress have not acted positively in policy-making following the release of a 2008 report from the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production. Dr. Robert Lawrence, director of the Center for ta Livable Future the lack of action by Congress have worsened problems created by industrial animal agriculture. The Pew Commission included members from Iowa: Frederick Kirschenmann, distinguished fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University and president of Stone Barns, New York; and James Merchant, former dean of the University of Iowa College of Public Health.

Report: Problems Posed by Animal Agriculture Have Worsened in Recent Years
Food Safety News
October 22, 2013
By James Andrews
In the past five years, policies by the Obama administration and Congress have only worsened the impacts of industrial animal production according to a new report by the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production. Pew’s new report contains hundreds of citations to support its findings; however the Animal Ag Alliance issued its own report in response to PEW with no such citations to support their position that their industry has made progress.

Smithfield rolls out new TV ads
By Meat and Poultry Staff
October 22, 2013
A series of new television commercials are being aired to consumers regarding Smithfield Packing Company’s culinary history and commitment to flavor. “Flavor Hails from Smithfield” is the theme of four different TV ads that will highlight a different product line.

Politics of the Plate
Food Politics
October 18, 2013
By Susan Karcz

Iowa View: State has turned into a ‘toilet’ for industrial Ag
Des Moines Regester
October 13, 2013
By Bill Leonard

Animal rights groups hope federal courts will strike ‘ag-gag’ laws
The Globe Gazette Mason City Globe Gazette
September 27, 2013
By Mike Wiser
American citizens who have fought against ag-gag laws in state legislatures now hope federal courts will overturn these laws that make it a crime to record what goes on behind closed doors at farming operations.



Dairy and Meat Factories
Food and Water Watch
Smithfield Foods is the biggest hog producer and processor in the United States and world-wide. Its continuous consolidation hurts farmers and consumers, and its factory farms put the environment, public health, and animal welfare at risk. Learn more in our report, The Trouble with Smithfield: A Corporate Profile

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