School column shows inconsistencies

November 13, 2013

Perhaps I am out of touch with what is common knowledge among Rockfordians. However, I read this column twice (“Tolerating adult indiscretions taints leadership in Rockford schools,” Nov. 6-12 issue, by Jane Hayes), and I fail to see the author’s point. It is all platitudinous pap.

For example, Ms. Hayes wants to “return to a principled examined lifestyle where powerful bullies and scandals are revealed,” immediately followed with, “Now everything is digitally or publicly exposed.” Quite a feat of direct contradiction.

The whole column is poorly written and contains few facts, jumps from one thing to another with no segue, and even throws in a quote from Socrates. (I am sure he would be pleased.)

Richard Gribbins

Polo, Ill.

From the Nov. 13-19, 2013, issue

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