Democrats deserve blame for shutdown

Why do the Republicans get most of the blame for the government shutdown when they offered a plan to keep all of the government open, except for Obamacare, for which no Republican voted? Who turned this down and thereby closed national parks, laid off federal workers, delayed veterans’ benefits, and other hurtful actions? It was the other party.

Why did not even the Democrats think something was wrong with a bill of thousands of pages given only overnight to study? What was being hidden?

The bill was certainly full of problems to be implemented from Oct. 1. This was only for 5 percent of the people who have private insurance. What will it be like in 2015, when a vast proportion (85 percent) of those covered by employers will be considered? Did President Barack Obama push this part back to 2015 because of the turmoil it will cause for Democrats trying to win elections in 2014? If it’s such a great important plan, why was it pushed back at all? Think of all that extra time people will be without it.

Michael A. Smith


From the Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2013, issue

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