The real reason to hunt predators

I’d like an opportunity to respond to comments I’m hearing regarding the killing of a cougar in Whiteside County, along with some of the weaker defenses of our “deer-hunting season.”

The BIG LIE regarding deer hunting was recently exposed on an episode of The Great Outdoors program, broadcast on WGN-AM. On it, the host, Charlie Potter, noted that the Wisconsin deer herd had been dramatically reduced, while predator numbers had increased. Now, if we allow for the argument for hunting, which is that it is needed to bring deer numbers down, for many of the reasons noted above, one would have to say that a balance had been struck, and that the course being followed to our north was the correct one.

Unfortunately, not the case. Potter instead insisted that licenses to hunt predators must now be increased. Why? Well, because an increase in the numbers of bears and wolves was “jeopardizing” the hunting industry (premised on the killing of prey animals), and all of the associated dollars that are derived from it, including fees charged for licenses that go toward funding state conservation programs, etc. So, in other words, deer hunting has nothing to do with thinning the herd, but everything to do with burnishing a blood sport that helps fill corporate tills and state coffers. Wildlife, be damned. And the only “threat” that cougar represented was a potential threat to this same version of what some Tea Party reps refer to as “crony capitalism”; i.e., the millions of hunting dollars, whose true color is blood red.

John Jankowski

Stockton, Ill.

From the Dec. 4-10, 2013, issue

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