Forest fires

Every year, this country is ravaged by wildfires that we have not figured out how to extinguish. You would figure that after the first one, someone would have made arrangements to place water lines that can put lots of water where it is needed to even water the forest down before the fire even gets a chance to go places it’s not welcome.

You take saltwater from the oceans and take out the salt, and make a place underground that can hold some major quantities of water. And place them all over the forest. You will need sprinkler systems that, once turned on, can water areas that are hard to get to. Preventive maintenance is what it is called. It would place water in areas that have no water source; with this in place, we could constantly keep areas damp and green, not dry and brittle, as most forests are.

Flood water could also be diverted to other locations with underground piping on, or underground piping and put through filters and stored in any underground water tanks just for these wildfires.

If this country can send oil in pipes, why can’t we do it with water? And it would not cost so much, since water that has been cleaned would not mess up our forestry lands.

There would be less cost and less loss of life and property for everyone to protect what is theirs.

Kieth Nielsen

From the Dec. 11-17, 2013, issue

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