‘Grudge Match’: Stallone and De Niro worth seeing on Christmas Day

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

It’s a rarity that I get overly excited about any movies coming out of Hollywood. There’s one coming out on Christmas Day that has grabbed my attention, though. It’s called Grudge Match.

I’ve seen several commercials and promotional pieces for this movie, and I think I actually might be motivated enough to drop $10 or more to go see this film on opening day. It stars Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro as two aging fighters with a 30-year-old score to settle.

Stallone plays Henry “Razor” Sharp and De Niro is his arch rival, Billy “The Kid” McDonnen. The two split wins against one another back in the early 1980s, and on the eve of their decisive third match, Sharp announced his retirement from the ring and effectively ruined their careers.

I think the main reason I’m intrigued by this film is the fact that both Stallone and De Niro have had huge success in previous boxing-related moves. Stallone in the Rocky series and De Niro in Raging Bull. Another reason I’m considering joining the masses and heading out to the theater on Christmas Day is one of the sub-themes of this movie is the difficulty of training and preparing for a fight at an advanced age. That hits pretty close to home because I’m right in that same age bracket and can easily relate to the struggle of trying to eat right and exercise.

I can’t remember the last time, if ever, that I’ve gone to a movie on Christmas Day before. I know a lot of people who make it a tradition as part of their holiday celebration. I plan on being right there alongside them this year. I’m thinking tickets to Grudge Match might not only be on my wish list, but also on the list of several other middle-aged boxing fans around the country.

Doug Halberstadt can be reached via e-mail at Dougster61@aol.com.

Posted Dec. 11, 2013

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