Fantasy football — making the NFL even more addictive

By Doug Halberstadt
Sports Columnist

For the millions of fantasy football owners all over the country, this is Super Bowl weekend. I played in two leagues this season. Thanks, in part, to Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy and Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles having exceptional games last week, I was knocked out of a chance for an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas in the Casey’s Pub League. I’ll have to settle for third place and continue my hatred for all that is Green Bay.

Thanks to a huge game from Kansas City running back Jamal Charles, I’ve advanced to the Super Bowl in my other league. His record-setting five-touchdown performance against the Oakland Raiders last Sunday (Dec. 15) guaranteed my team at least a second-place finish and the spoils that accompany that honor.

Hi. My name is Doug Halberstadt, and I’m a (fantasy) football addict. I haven’t watched a game in two days. The last game I watched was the Detroit versus Baltimore game on Monday night (Dec. 16).

Being a member of two leagues this year has made my addiction to the NFL even more intense. In past years, I could tolerate missing a game or two, as long as it wasn’t a Bears’ game. This season, if there was a game on, you could pretty much be assured I was watching it. I felt obligated to not only keep an eye on the players who were on my teams, but I also wanted to see how my opponents’ guys were doing each week.

In addition to watching the games that I could see in our broadcast area, each game day I would have my laptop signed in to a fantasy football website to track players in the games I couldn’t get. I know, that’s a bit excessive, but somehow I thought it was necessary to take full advantage of the technology available. I’m not sure if it made me a better fantasy owner or not. I subscribed to the theory that knowledge was power in the world of fantasy football.

For my Super Bowl game, I’ll be looking for another stellar game from Charles. I’m also hoping he gets some support from Matt Forte, Andrew Luck, Brandon Marshall, Pierre Garçon, Jason Witten, Dan Bailey and the defense of the Kansas City Chiefs. Those are the guys I’ll be starting in my fantasy Super Bowl.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on all of the games those guys are involved in, and no doubt all the other games I can get my eyes on as well.

From the Dec. 18-24, 2013, issue

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