Unions’ wounds are self-inflicted

I have heard a lot of grumbling lately from retired teachers and other state union people about the inequity of the pension bill recently passed in Springfield, Ill. I wonder if any of these people have stopped to realize that their wounds in this regard are all pretty much self-inflicted.

Union people in general tend to be Democrats, because it has been Democrats who have controlled the General Assembly, and who have promised these “pie in the sky” retirement benefits. They promised extravagant retirement programs, at our expense, of course, in exchange for the votes necessary to keep them in office. The union members should have known those exorbitant promises were not fiscally responsible. They keep voting for Democrats, however, because they like the utopian fantasy of living on easy street after they retire.

It was easy for the Democrat legislators to make these promises because by the time the payoff came around, they would be long gone. So, we have disingenuous and irresponsible Democrat legislators making ludicrous promises, and gullible union workers casting uninformed votes. Now, union workers are complaining about the results of their own shortsightedness. Actions have consequences, and the votes of these union folks are coming home to roost.

Dave Willis


From the Dec. 18-24, 2013, issue

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