Well, Virginia, there IS a Santy Claus!

Stephenson County has read the U.S. Constitution and voted to support it!

This is how local government is supposed to work, and it’s exactly how we got in this situation where only the paid police and their friends can be protected under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution supersedes ANY law or ordinance, or state-run monopoly on Freedom!

As to the claim that the county law cannot overrule state law, state law cannot overrule the U.S. Constitution, thus the Illinois infringements on the right to Keep and Bear Arms are toothless, and not worth the paper it was printed on!

Without waiting for the federal government to wage war on Illinois for infringing on the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, like they did for the end of slavery and post-slavery segregation, we do have a faster and less bloody option available to us.

Stephenson County is the first. Who will be the second? That’s the way to do it, one by one! That’s how we ended slavery and segregation; each part of our nation decided to stand apart from the part that was wrong!

This is why we have unions, women who can vote, work, and own land, and a nationwide encyclopedia that describes slavery as a dirty thing of the past, never to be the rule again!

The Stephenson County law directs that the county and city/town police must allow firearms freedom as it reads.

Next is to find the next county that will do the same, and then the next!

In a short time of just a few elections, it is possible to then elect state representatives and senators who are Second Amendment-friendly!

I live in the anti-gun and gun ban-loving city of Rockford, in Winnebago County.

I support my county board members to follow the path Stephenson County has begun!

If my county board member doesn’t support the U.S. Constitution, maybe I need to run for county board, because I DO!

Against Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Semper Fi,

Daniel Robert Smyth
West Rockford business owner and resident

From the Dec. 25-31, 2013, issue

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