‘Gun-free’ zones protect only criminals

Dec. 15, two carjackers stole an SUV at a New Jersey mall, killing the driver while his wife helplessly watched. This brutal crime should be a warning to Illinois shoppers, as it will occur here with greater frequency next year after permits for concealed carry of handguns will be issued.

Soon, shopping malls and stores will display “No Handguns” signs, disarming lawful citizens for the convenience of criminals.

Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb., displayed a sign that stated: “While you enjoy your shopping experience at Westroads Mall, we ask that you refrain from … possessing any weapons to include … guns.”

That shopping experience was shattered in 2008 when a 19-year-old murdered eight people with a rifle.

Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City posted a sign stating: “… to assist our efforts to provide a safe, secure and pleasant shopping environment, we ask … No weapons allowed.”

Trolley Square failed to provide a safe environment when an 18-year-old killed five people with a shotgun.

In Aurora, Colo., a deranged murderer chose the one theater that displayed a “No Firearms” sign, killing 12. You need to understand that the “No Firearms” sign will not keep you safe, but only makes you a target.

William J. Lee

Rockton, Ill.

From the Jan. 1-6, 2014, issue

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