Don Carter Lanes offers two new unique leagues for non-serious bowlers

Submitted by Don Carter Lanes

Bowling ranks No. 1 of all participation sports. Don Carter Lanes is offering two new unique leagues for the non-serious bowler.

53 million people take to the lanes in the USA on an annual basis. This puts bowling ahead of golf (25 million) and all other participation sports (Source: 2012 SGMA, Sporting Good Manufacturers Association report).

The affordable cost and the fact that almost anyone can perform the basic skills required to participate makes bowling a great sport for families, teen-agers and adults alike.

BPAA (Bowling Proprietors Association of America) Executive Director Steve Johnson noted: “The tens of millions of Americans who bowl every year can’t be wrong — and there is no sport more inclusive, welcoming and fun and that has an appeal that spans all ages, backgrounds and genders. More and more Americans are discovering and rediscovering bowling as a wholesome and affordable experience. From adult organized play and youth leagues to birthday parties, singles nights and good, old-fashioned family outings, bowling continues to be a top draw among Americans of all ages.”

League bowling has always been popular in the Rock River Valley, with many bowling centers offering hundreds of leagues for area residents to choose from. Bowlers are able to form new friendships, socialize with old friends and compete in a lifetime sport.

Bowling league myth: “You have to be good to join a league.” WRONG! The two bowling leagues described below — and almost all bowling leagues across the country — use a handicap scoring system to allow for bowlers of different bowling skill levels to be able to compete on a more level playing field. Bowlers who score low will be awarded more bonus (handicap) pins, and bowlers who score higher will be awarded fewer bonus (handicap) pins.

Don Carter Lanes is offering the following two unique league options that have been designed for the non-serious, social bowler:

1. The Pizza, Wing & Beer League — In this league, each team of four bowlers may be composed of all women, all men or a mix. Two pitchers of beer or pop, a large Papa John’s pizza, a big platter of hot wings are included each league night for each team. Plus, the bowling center offers a FREE bowling ball to all new league bowlers as a way to encourage people to give league bowling a try. The cost of this league is $14 per person. Two new sessions of this league are being offered starting this month — Mondays at 6:30 p.m. (starting Jan. 20) or Wednesdays at 7 p.m. (starting Jan. 22). This league is a flexible half-season league (16 weeks) designed for people who are unable to commit to a full-season league. Bowlers may register as an individual, partial team or a full team of four. Contact Brad Sommer, general manager at Don Carter Lanes, to reserve your spot. E-mail: or by phone at (815) 399-0314.

2. WBWW (Women Bowling With Wine) — This league is sure to be a favorite. Teams in this league will be composed of four women per team. The first night of the league will be Thursday, Jan. 30, at 6:30 p.m. A FREE bowling ball is offered to bowlers who have not bowled in a league in the past three years. This league is designed for pure fun and socialization with the bowling as the avenue to accomplish that. Included in this league are three games of league bowling each week, two full-size bottles of wine for each team each week, free shoe rental, a fun end-of-season awards banquet and a FREE $50 gift card to Crimson Ridge. This league will run for 14 weeks. Pre-bowling and subs are allowed for flexibility. To register, contact Sommer at or by phone at (815) 399-0314. Bowlers may register as an individual, partial team or a full team of four.

For more about either of the two leagues mentioned above, readers may refer to the full-color, two-sided insert that is in this issue of The Rock River Times. Information may also be found online at

From the Jan. 8-14, 2014, issue

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