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Rosy-fingered dawn spreads over the fertile floodplain of the Mackinaw River Valley in early January, 2014.

Dear Friends: 

As our fertile Midwest farmland lies cozily under its blanket of snow, patiently waiting for spring, we’re chomping at the bit!


After many years of ad hoc farmland programming (which, ad hoc as it was, still led to new farmers finding land and older farmers finding a new generation to farm their land), we are now moving forward with a menu of new farmland options and assistance for anyone sharing our passion for protecting, preserving, and enhancing our precious farmland.   And that means you!


In fact, you are getting this new “Farmland Forever” newsletter because you have attended one of our farmland workshops (“Landing a Farm: Opportunity, Stewardship, Legacy”), or plays (“What Will Be Your Legacy?”), downloaded our land-owner or land-seeker toolkit, posted on Midwest Farm Connection, or otherwise expressed interest in our farmland work.  (If you prefer to not receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of this newsletter, or by emailing us at any time.)

Let us know what farmland topic is of interest to you.


In each of these newsletters, we will cover a different topic of interest to land owners, seekers, or families engaged in farmland transitions. For starters, here’s what you can look forward to:

These are just a few of the topics we’ll explore in future newsletters as we move forward to provide land owners, inheritors, and seekers with more options.


We also know that each farm family situation is unique, and we look forward to speaking with you about yours. Please feel free to email Terra or call 847-338-1861.


And if you haven’t visited our brand new website, please do!  You’ll find information, inspiration, classifieds, resources, and more.



Terra Brockman, Founder

The Land Connection


As old barns fade and fall, new hands come to tend the land.  
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