Literary Hook: Poem: ‘Spell to Enchant a House’

Christine Swanberg
Christine Swanberg

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

Spell to Enchant a House

Place seven stalks of Day Lilies

in a vase

hand-painted with swans

during the hour of the crescent moon in Gemini

when Venus ascends at twilight

and Mercury retrogrades in the Ninth House.

Turn off all clocks and appliances.

Drape lace over the television.

Lay the vase upon it. Light five red candles

that have the fragrance of cinnamon

in a circle on the kitchen table. Remember

one Christmas from a past life

in another country or a dream

where Chagall donkeys danced on roofs

and lovers floated unencumbered

under Capricorn. Stir together cardamom

and nutmeg. Sprinkle over the candles

while singing a torch song.

If every flame remains, five wishes will

come true. If even one goes out,

there is something you must do. Do it.

Then, wave a wand of crystal sugar.

Invoke the sands of childhood

even those who blessed you with the gift

of pain. Especially those. Twirl

a ruby ring around your index finger.

Use a black swan’s feather and yellow

parchment. Hang the parchment

over the bathroom mirror, and no evil

will live there or anywhere in

your house where only the enchanted live.

Published in The Alleluia Tree (Puddin’head Press).

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet. She received the Lawrence E. Gloyd Community Impact Award at the 2012 Rockford Area Arts Council State of the Arts Awards.

Posted Jan. 29, 2014

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