BBB: Concerns about work-at-home jobs remain high

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Unemployed individuals who are looking for work or those looking to change jobs often renew their efforts with the start of the new year.

Work-at-home jobs look appealing to those looking for employment because they offer great pay for little labor. The problem is that most of these are scams. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) offers those looking for new employment opportunities some tips so they don’t get burned in hunting work-at-home jobs.

“There were 17,478 inquiries to the BBB in 2013 about work-at-home companies,” said Dennis Horton, director of the Rockford office of the BBB. “These scams were listed at No. 2 on our Top 10 Scams List of 2013. The number of inquiries last year shows that job seekers are being more cautious. However, the number of individuals who fell victim to these scams remained steady.”

A recent example of a pricey work-at-home scam that was caught by the FTC is a telemarketing scam that targeted Hispanic consumers. Contacted by phone, they were promised they could make money by reselling high-end brand-named goods. Rather than being sent high-end products, after they had paid the delivery person (cash on delivery), they discovered the products they received were unusable.

To avoid falling victim to work-at-home scams, the BBB suggests you look out for the following warning signs:

• Companies that use personal testimonials but never identify the person.

• Exaggerated claims of potential earnings, profits, full-time earnings at part-time hours.

• Company claims “inside” information.

• Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works.

• Claims of “no experience necessary.”

• Assurances of guaranteed markets and there is a huge demand for your handiwork.

Always check out a company before making any decisions. For more about this and other scams,

Posted Feb. 5, 2014, issue

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