County spent more than $400,000 on court-ordered drug treatment in 2013

• Programs reached more than 600; 123 completed RIC program, while 194 were discharged or quit

By Brandon Reid
Senior Assistant Editor

Winnebago County’s “Alternative Program Evaluation 2013 Update,” released Jan. 31, detailed court-ordered substance abuse programs provided by the county to individuals at the county jail and the county’s Adult Resource Intervention Center (RIC). The RIC is in the former Winnebago County Satellite Jail, 214 N. Church St., downtown Rockford.

According to the Program Evaluation 2013 Update, substance abuse programs were provided by Rosecrance and Remedies Renewing Lives, with Rosecrance getting $121,642 for programming at the jail and Remedies receiving $292,684 for programming at the RIC — a total of $414,326.

Clients are referred by Winnebago County Court to Remedies’ program at the RIC and complete an assessment and orientation. The program lasts a minimum of 16 weeks, with breathalyser and urine drops to verify the client is staying clean.

In 2013, 459 clients spent at least one hour with Remedies’ RIC program. Fifty-eight of those clients were not admitted into the program and were instead referred to inpatient treatment. Meantime, 401 were accepted for the substance abuse program.

RIC clients completed more than 11,600 program hours in 2013, with half completing at least 21 hours and 123 successfully completed the program during 2013. Meanwhile, 140 were discharged because of excessive absences, 13 for inappropriate behavior, and two for rule violations — totaling 155 discharges. Another 15 left the program because of incarceration, 11 for health or need for another treatment, 11 for other reasons beyond their control, and two passed away during the year, for a total of 39 “neutral discharges.”

At the jail, Rosecrance oversees counseling groups that meet four times a week for lectures, discussions and individualized treatment plans. In 2013, 195 clients were assessed by Rosecrance, 19 were not engaged in retreatment hours during 2013; 176 completed more than 13,100 hours of treatment, with half of the clients completing at least 53 hours; 86 completed treatment in 2013; 39 were still engaged in treatment; and 40 transferred out of the Winnebago County Jail.

From the Feb. 12-18, 2014, issue

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