Tech-Friendly: Dropbox, step aside — hubiC is here for all your cloud storage needs

Paul Gorski
Paul Gorski

By Paul Gorski is a popular online “cloud” storage service many people use to store music, pictures and files in general. Dropbox’s free plan allows up to 2GB of storage. (There are ways to get more free storage.) Competitor ( just announced a new free 25GB storage plan that will cause some Dropbox defections.

In addition, hubiC touts that your data is safer, since it is a French-owned company and its facilities are in Europe. From the site:

As the OVH servers are installed on French soil, the hubiC service is subject to French legislation, which is particularly demanding in terms of personal data protection and respect for privacy. So, unlike many online storage providers that use machines located on U.S. territory, hubiC does not fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patriot Act…”

Sweetening the offer, hubiC has a 100 GB plan for less than $1.50 per month, and a high-end plan that offers 10 TB of storage for approximately $14 per month (10 euros per month.) Ten terabytes of storage for less than $170 per year — that is a great deal.

OHV ( owns and runs hubiC and is a large player in web hosting, data management and domain registration in Europe. OHV claims Intel, Cisco and Microsoft as some of its clients and/or business partners. OHV offers great pricing on hubiC because it runs its own servers and data centers, rather than paying Amazon or other middleman companies to manage the data.

Yes, but is the ‘cloud’ safe?” Mostly, but I’d be more concerned about having your files available when you need them.

I know “free” storage is hard to beat, and having it synchronized with your computer and/or tablet is cool, but you should also back up your files to an external hard drive. Some day, you may need the files, and when your computer is broken and you are without Internet access, what then? Ah yes, the external hard drive backup.

Try hubiC and let me know if you like the service.

Paul Gorski ( has been a technology manager nearly 20 years, specializing in workflow solutions for printing, publishing and advertising computer users. Originally destined to be a chemist, his interest in computers began in college when he wrote a program to analyze data from lab instruments he hard-wired to the back of an Apple Iie.

Posted Feb. 18, 2014

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