Fracking industrialization is a threat to our way of life

Dear Editor,

Folks who tell you that fracking has never contaminated any water supplies are just repeating the extremely self-serving words of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, whose company cleared $44 billion last year, with his cut of that being a hair shy of one one-thousandth at a whopping  $40.3 million. What we actually know is that fracking industrialization contaminated 161 water supplies in Pennsylvania alone from just 2008 to 2012. And that was with less than 5,000 fracking wells drilled (

Please keep in mind the oil and gas industry is planning on drilling 50,000 to 100,000 wells in southern Illinois. A similar rate as demonstrated in Pennsylvania would mean 1,600 to 3,200 total water supplies contaminated in southern Illinois, each serving anywhere from a family to a small community. And the oil and gas industry will be the first to tell you that 70 percent of fracking jobs created on our state’s soil will be claimed by trained industry regulars from Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota.

Fracking industrialization threatens the very safety of our coal mines with known damaging earthquakes from fracking wastewater disposal (we’ve known about this for 50 years, see for extensive details), and threatens our duck hunting and our crappie and white bass fishing because of an unfortunate, but extremely well-documented, pattern of water contamination.

Brent Ritzel
Carbondale, Ill.

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