Guest Column: Voter fraud is alive and well

By Jane Ryan Carrell

David Soll wrote the expected Democrat denial that pervasive vote fraud exists (“Setting the record straight on voter registration” from the Jan. 22-28, 2014, issue). Soll concludes his column with the assertion, “So, the idea that there is a mass of people going out of their way to vote multiple times is ludicrous on its face.”
Soll’s credentials as a voter registrar mark him as a patriot, but he is poorly informed on the topic of vote fraud. A year ago, I wrote a piece describing the extent of pervasive vote fraud in Wisconsin, provided briefly here. In 2000, a Marquette University student called a Milwaukee morning radio show to brag he had voted 25 times for Al Gore. Wisconsin same-day registration allows someone producing a utility bill to vote, without producing an ID.

In the 2000 election, 30,000 people in Dane County (home of the University of Wisconsin — Madison) same-day registered and voted on election day. Gore won Wisconsin by fewer than 6,000 votes. How many out-of-state students cast votes for Gore with a local utility bill?

A December 2011 National Review article, humorously titled, “If a Fraudulent Vote Falls in the Woods,” references the Milwaukee Police Department report detailing vote fraud in the 2004 election. The task force issuing the study said they believed 16 workers from the John Kerry campaign and third-party groups “committed felony crimes” that went unprosecuted.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial, “Tighter voting laws urged — Milwaukee police report findings from probe into 2004 polling” quoted from the report that “eliminating same-day registration and requiring voters to show photo IDs would minimize the problems found.” That presidential race was decided in Wisconsin by 11,400 votes. The Milwaukee PD found one property where 128 people were registered to vote. One Milwaukee homeless shelter featured 162 registered voters, another boasted 136.

Check the astonishing Gateway Pundit article reporting a left-wing group’s extrapolation that “nearly 160,000 African-American voters in Milwaukee were no longer reachable at their last documented address — representing 41 percent of the city’s 2008 electorate.” Canvassing beginning in April 2012 by the League of Young Voters found that “during those eight weeks, canvassers were able to successfully find and interact with only 31 percent of their targets. Twice that number were confirmed to no longer live at the address on file — either because a structure was abandoned or condemned, or if a current resident reported that the targeted voter no longer lived there.” Do you suppose they cast Republican votes?

The new Democrat talking point that “There is no vote fraud, only Republican attempts at voter suppression” is bogus. Thanks to the Motor Voter law of 1993, “Eight of the 19 hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had registered to vote.” So reports Wall Street Journal writer John Fund, author of Stealing Elections, Revised and Updated: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.

There is widespread support for Voter ID laws, among blacks and whites alike. After Georgia became one of the first states with a voter ID law, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported “turnout among black and Hispanic voters increased from 2006 to 2010, dramatically outpacing population growth for those groups over the same period.” Voter suppression indeed!

Roscoe, Ill., resident Jane Ryan Carrell retired as coordinator of Northern IL Tea Party, which meets at 6:30 p.m. every third Thursday at 302 W. Main St., Rockton, Ill. The public is welcome. Contact Jane at

From the March 12-18, 2014 print edition

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