Politicians’ concern for environment driven by expedience

A recent brief article in The New York Times captioned, “Carp Barriers for Great Lakes Are Not Invincible,” relates as the caption states, there is a possibility of the carp bypassing the barriers set up to prevent such a happening.

It seems as though the dictates of commerce, internalized profits created by externalized costs, is in play in regard to this situation. The barriers were put in place to prevent the potential loss of billions of dollars in damage to the Great Lakes fisheries. It is an environmental issue that is being decided by money in politics. The politicians are only concerned with the environment when it is politically expedient, just as they all now talk about the importance of jobs.

The only environment they have concern for is that environment in which they are involved (the political environment), and the only job they worry about is their job.

Richard Kanak
Cherry Valley, Ill.

From the March 26-April 1, 2014, issue

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