Ask the Doc: Upper cervical an important resource for digestive disorders

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By Dr. Philip Schalow

Question: What kind of resources are there for helping digestive disorders?

Answer: It’s easy to assume that if the stomach or intestines are not functioning right, that there is a problem with the local digestive organs. However, when you consider that all the tissues in the body are dependent upon receiving proper nerve signals from the brain for normal function, it’s easier to see that the nerve system is the first item to check.

Within the chiropractic profession, the nerve system is the primary focus. Upper cervical chiropractic can correct such fundamental issues as the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, blood supply and even magnetic fields and electrical impulses within the brain.

In addition to upper cervical chiropractic, there are other forms of chiropractic that can cleverly relieve pressure on the vagus nerve exit point from the skull. The vagus nerve is an important nerve that directly influences digestive function.

We see cases of spinal imbalance that have caused heartburn and poor digestion. As the spine returns to balance, we tend to see digestive problems also improve.

Spinal balancing with upper cervical care is an important resource for digestive disorders.

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From the April 2-8, 2014 issue

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