To the Editor: Party affiliation not the point

To answer Mr. Gorski’s (Paul Gorski’s “Meet John Doe: Sheriff’s race: Will the real Democrats and Republicans please stand up?” from the Feb. 26-March 4, 2014, issue), query, NO, NO, NO! Party affiliation should have no determination in a person being elected to the office of sheriff, judge and state’s attorney. These positions enforce the law; they do not interpret the law, as we all know. As to why Mr. Randy Olson switched parties: I’m sure he can get more support from Mr. Gasparini and his fellow Dems than he can from his FORMER PARTY! WHEN HE LOSES, THEY CAN ALL go fishin’ at the WCFPD’s newest fishing spot. Will some LOCAL RADIO STATION, PLEASE BRING BACK TALK RADIO? The politicians have no one holding them in check now, and by the time it hits print and you reply back, the damage is DONE! THE PEOPLE NEED A VOICE!!!

Jake Henry

From the April 2-8, 2014 issue

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