To the Editor: Profiles in cowardice

I just read a Nat Hentoff column that was syndicated in our local paper. It dealt with a recent federal court ruling, deeming it fine that the NYPD had spied on New Jersey Muslims, which claimed it was tracking “budding terrorist activities.” Done, as to be expected these days, warrantless and indiscriminately — in the sense that it didn’t matter what class you belonged to, war veteran or civilian, student or store owner. Just as long as you were Muslim.

As Hentoff notes, our mediators weren’t too keen on covering the ruling, nor whatever events preceded it. Bad enough, right? Worse, to my mind, though, has been the deafening silence of other religious leaders, unwilling to come to the support of brethren who are obviously the victims of a modern-day witch hunt, the product of a by-now fanatical obsession by our local authorities to keep fighting foolhardy skirmishes in the chimerical “war on terror.”

Where are the voices of Catholic outrage? Protestant evangelicals? Liberal Jews?

Instead, we get op-eds written by a libertarian atheist, who also happens to be pro-life. Ah, the irony of free speech in America.

John P. Jankowski
Stockton, Ill.

From the April 9-15, 2014 issue


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