To the Editor: Watch out for Internet con games

It’s frightening when technological advances precede the moral and ethical implications of the technology.

If you’ve typed your credit card number into the Net between 2007 and 2011, you ought to be afraid. An amazing hacker, Jesse Willms, 23, has defrauded consumers of almost $500 million by conning them to sign up for “risk-free” products on their computers. His defense is simply they didn’t read the very “fine print,” which only shows up after the third or fourth page of the ad. By then, you are hooked. Willms blames the consumer, of course.

Any ads for products like “belly fat fighters,” “cholesterol fighters,” “earn $500 a day,” etc., are simply scams to get your credit card. The FTC has filed a lawsuit against Willms’ worldwide con game. Even Microsoft, Oprah and others are suing him.

Meanwhile, he drives a $300,000 Lamborghini and lives an outrageously extravagant lifestyle. And he never finished high school because he was already making a fortune.

The Atlantic (Jan./Feb., p. 51) has called him “The Dark Lord of the Internet.” Just because a man is ABLE to do something doesn’t always mean he should go ahead and do it.

Alice Kaczmarek

From the April 9-15, 2014 issue

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