Literary Hook: Poem: ‘Between Friends’

Christine Swanberg
Christine Swanberg

By Christine Swanberg
Author and Poet

Between Friends

Know that I’ll soak up your words

like yeast in warm water, but don’t

knead my dry. I’m as dependable

as a Rolex, but I, too, demand time.

Use me like a sieve, but no pebbles,

please. Play with me like a child would

but catch the ball if I throw it back.

Fill me like a vase, but shatter me

and your feet might bleed. Be as honest

as a tree, dropping its leaves gently.

Surprise me but not with distance.

Let me steer when I’m upfront.

I promise that when it’s your turn,

I won’t be a backseat driver.

Published in Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity.

Christine Swanberg is a local author and poet. She received the Lawrence E. Gloyd Community Impact Award at the 2012 Rockford Area Arts Council State of the Arts Awards.

Posted May 7, 2014

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